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Comments on NaDa™ 0.5 !

"I'm very satisfied with your new product. One of the amazing benefits you failed to mention is that even after being deleted it continues to do nothing. At first I found this a little disturbing, but the persistance of effect eventually gave me a sense of faith in the enduring strength of Nothing, a touchstone in a world gone mad."
Bob, from Cleveland, USA

"I am interested in becoming a part of the NaDa family. If choosen I promise not to perform any of my duties. I believe that I can make no contribution to NaDa as a team player or individually. I'd greatly appreciate the opportunity to show you none of the cababilities or qualities that set me apart from the other applicants. Thank you for your time, I can not be reached at anytime during the day or night."

"Although NaDa promised to do nothing for everybody, it (unfortunately) did something for me. It made me realize I don't have a byte code editor on my machine anymore. What have I become?!? When available, I would like an upgrade of NaDa to a version that contains zero bytes so that I can get back to work instead of worrying about my existence."
Pete, from Toronto, Canada

"I always keep NaDa™ on a floppy in case of emergency. You never know when you'll need NaDa™."
Pierre, from Montréal

"Truly brilliant."
Tom, from UK

"Your NaDa™ software is transforming Australian society. We are great fans."
Frank Miller, Brisbane

"Whatta fuck! it's incredible! the solution for my non-working hours during my working time. I'm really amazed for what NaDa™ is doing for me: now I sleep better, I work better and even I've got a more satisfying sexual life!!
Let's do NaDa™"

"Dear Sirs,
I downloaded your free NaDa™ 0.5 software.  As promised, it was exactly one byte, works well on Linux, is bug free and is very efficient at doing nothing.  It was everything I expected and more!!
Thank you."
Kris, from Fargo, USA

"The version of NaDa™ that I downloaded seems to do everything for nobody, however as advertised NaDa™ is supposed to do nothing for everybody."
Keith, from Australia

"Dear NaDa™ team,
Your software is amazing!  It works exactly as advertised! Few pieces of software are able to accomplish this feat. I really enjoy how it never crashes, mainly because I don't even have to bother starting it up! I downloaded it in record time, unloaded it, put it on my hard drive, and the rest I left up to NaDa™. It's amazingly wonderful."
Lewis, from Salt Lake City, USA

"To my astonishment I caught Nada™ doing something, not much but still... It was taking up disk space."
Rian, fron the Netherlands

"I keep the source code for NaDa™ handy wherever I go. I refer to it everytime I write a piece of code, and it helps, immensely. Haven't written code that contains a bug, since! Thanks NaDa™ !"
Steve W, from USA

"Just installed NaDa™ in my G4 dual processor, cube, and a old 6400. All running OS9. Its the best thing in computing since The Woz."

"Keep going, you are the opposite of the Microsoft empire (it's not a bug, IT'S A FEATURE!), and for this the world owes you a million thanks!"




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Dear Mr. Belanger,
I have SMS'ed NaDa™ to my cellphone, and I can confirm it does absolutely nothing there too. I would surmise that the requirement of a computer is unnecessarily restrictive.
Best Regards, and thank you for a great product.
Filippo, from Milan, Italy

"Mi programe we NaDa™ installe kir, pir keyfxwesh bum"
(I intalled your application NaDa™, and I am very pleased, in Kurdish)
Rushen, from somewhere

"NaDa™ did not work.
Nicolas, from Montréal

Too tired

NaDa sounds very good to me. I think I'd like it. My problem is that I'm too tired to
download it. Could you send someone over to download it for me?

Thank you very much.

I had no idea I didn't need it till I had it. Thanks
Scott (UK)




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