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Presenting Ze Cube : a vintage computer (the Macintosh Classic II) miraculously engineered into a stunning ten-inch crystal-clear cube.

Ze Cube comes ready for action with the Motorola 68030 processor running at 16MHz, 10MB of high performance RAM, and a capacious 80MB hard disk drive you actually see spin, so you won't miss any action.

Though it's one third the size of most PCs, Ze Cube delivers far less performance and that's just enough.



Ze Cube is based on the Macintosh Classic II. A Macintosh SE/30 would be better, but the analog and logic boards are much bigger. With the Classic II, the resulting design is smaller.


The Movie

To view the 30 seconds ad that was'nt broadcasted during the SuperBowl, click here.

(2900 KB QuickTime movie)


Slot-loading floppy drive
at the back of Ze Cube


Ze Cube is a revolution.

( It is mounted on ball bearings. )


The Parts

Click here to see the bolts and nuts of this project.


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