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Ze PowerSuitcase is here


Just plug in your monitor, keyboard and mouse and enjoy the power of the famous PowerPC Processor.

Add a modem and roam the Internet.

Plug it to your network via Ethernet.

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In action

Ze PowerSuitcase in real life situation, connected to a Sharp video projector, reliably displaying images on the back wall of the stage as musicians and singers are performing, in Québec City, on March 17th 2000.




Based on a Macintosh Quadra 700 from Apple Computers, and upgraded to PowerPC with a Sonnet Presto PPC Card (PPC-601 @ 100 MHz), it is fitted in the sturdy metal case of a Smith-Corona Typewriter.

20 MB ram and 2 MB vram (millions of colors at up to 832x624)





Ze PowerSuitcase is here.

And it's mine.       



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